Plan the ultimate hen’s night

Buckle up, ladies. It’s time to let the girls loose on the town for a legendary hen’s night party! Are you in the midst of planning the best bachelorette party ever was thrown or you’ll be doing so in the future? Me and Mrs Jones Adult Boutique has all the naughty toys, gifts, games, decorations and cheeky novelties you could possibly want. Pulling together the perfect hen’s night party is a fine balance between naughty-but-nice. Don’t let it become stressful. Our handpecked (sorry… picked) supplies are selected to help you keep it fun and fresh. Below are some tips to keep you and your party on track.

Every hen’s party starts with a strong theme

Before you start buying your decorations and accessories you’ll need to decide on the look and feel of the party. What is the theme of the wedding? What does the bride like? Does she have a favourite colour, love a bit of bling or is she a fan of old-world Hollywood? There are a plethora of ways to go here but it makes designing invitations, dress code and decorating the venue much easier if your theme is strong and suits the personality of the bridal party.

Organising unique and entertaining transport for the bachelorette party

Transport is a vital piece of the dream hen’s night puzzle. It can be the venue in an of itself or it can take you places. Many bachelorette parties hire specialty vehicles, such as stretch hummers, limousines, and party buses, to shuttle your hens from venue to venue, if you are on the move. If you have just one venue, it’s still fun to hire transport to get there and drop everyone home safe and sound. If your hen loves being on the water, a party ferry can also double as a venue for party of the festivities. Just make sure you have a plan if an. Pricing for transport varies greatly, so it’s crucial to have a very clear idea of your budget and party theme. You can generally negotiate with the charter companies to get the best deal for the night.

Interior of stretch hummer courtesy of Hummers SA
Interior of stretch hummer courtesy of Hummers SA

Choosing Your Hen’s Night Venue

You can select from a wide variety of places to host your party. It really depends upon your budget and theme and the personal preference of the bride-to-be. Reputable, high-end venue companies offer deals for their smaller venues. These may be perfect for your bachelorette party and most packages cover food, beverages, seating, decoration and a DJ as part of the package. It means the work to prepare is minimal but an be more costly per person than a DIY choice.

If your bride is a party girl, then doing a club crawl might be the way to go, but do remember many clubs have strict door policies for behaviour and if your party is a little too exuberant, you might have issues getting into the club later in the night. For this reason, most bachelorette’s choose a single venue in the form of a night club, pub, restaurant or even someone’s home as the main destination. Night clubs and pubs can cordon off an area for you and the girls so you have a “home base” for the hen’s night.

If your bachelorette is shy, a high tea or lunch in a restaurant might be more suitable, but we can still provide accessories and games to inject some cheeky, sexy fun into the occasion.

Organising the hen's night venue
Organising the hen’s night venue

Decorating the Hen’s Night Venue and/or Transport

Even if you have a venue company decorate your room or you are doing a club crawl, you’ll still want to add a little cheeky personal touch. Me and Mrs Jones adult boutique has a massive range of accessories and decorations such as Ozze Pecker Napkins, Silk Rose Petals, Spinning Party Light, Ozze Pecker Streamers, Dickie Sippling Straws, Dickie Wine Glass Charms along with many other novelties.

Feeding the hens

Food choices can be tricky these days with food allergies, intolerances and people with their relationship to meat or lack thereof. Find out what everyone’s food choices are, and make sure you cater to the vegans, lactose intolerant, peanut allergies or this can be a source of dissatisfaction. Ensure the venue or catering company is aware of these well ahead of time. You will need to decide between canapes (small bites on trays), a sit-down a-la-carte meal or a buffet. It really depends upon the number, personal preferences, and budget. Canapes tend to be more cost-effective but you need to ensure that there is enough in relation to the amount of alcohol being consumed.

Because parties involve drinking, you want to make sure your guests are well-fed for obvious reasons. Ask your bride what type of food she prefers and take into account the theme as well. Specialty catering like lolly bars can be themed according to the party and add loads of sugar-fueled fun in place of dessert.

Let The Games Begin!

Little Genie Pin The Hose On The Fireman

One you have the venue, transport and food sorted out, you can start planning the fun. Because there are so many options, finding naughty-but-nice games is easy. Head to the Me and Mrs Jones Hen’s Night Games section for ideas.

A well known favourite is a bachelorette scavenger hunt. Here are some silly but fun quest ideas:

  • Convince a sexy bloke to show you his not-so-visible tattoo. Take a photo of it
  • Find someone with the same first name as the groom. Get photo evidence holding up their ID or a business card
  • Get a picture with a police officer +1 (but stay on the right side of the law!)
  • Blow up a condom as a balloon and give it to a stranger, take a photo of them holding it
  • Find another bride-to-be and take a selfie with her
  • Get a guy to serenade the bride for 10 seconds and post it in Instagram stories
  • Pose with a dishy male you’ve never met, make it look like you’ve known him forever
  • Get a cute guys number
  • Kiss a bartender (cheek or lips have different points – with consent of course).

Allocate points for each task, with the winner/s announced at the end of the night and you can award prizes such as the Pipedream Diamond Dream Lipsticks:



Hunky, buff boys don’t suit every bachelorette or hen’s party, but many parties are not complete without the stripper quotient being complete. Word of mouth is the best guide to get the right fella. Make sure you know who is coming in advance.

Last tips for organising the dream bachelorette party

Make sure you get a full list of must -haves and must-nots from your bride-to-be. Once you have these you need to really be mindful. Some brides can turn into bridezillas if you step beyond or fall short of their expectations. It’s really about celebrating the bride-to-be so make sure you do consider what she wants.

If the bride wants to, Me and Mrs Jones has a range of novelty bride accessories, such as a glow in the dark bride-to-be sash, bride-to-be tutu, shot glass on a singlet, and the always popular novelty veil. These don’t work for every bride, but if she is up for it they make for a great photos later in life.

Most of all, have a ball. If you need help deciding on novelties, or have a great hen’s night story for us, get in touch…