Lubes and Gels

Personal lubricants (also called “lube”) are specialially formulated gels used during sex or masturbation to heighten “slip” and pleasure. They are designed to reduce friction to or between the penis and vagina, anus or other body parts and can also be applied to sex toys.

Water-based personal lubricants are water-soluble and are the most widely used personal lubricants. The earliest water-based lubricants were cellulose ether or glycerin solutions.

Oil-based lubricants, for example petroleum-based lubricants (such as vasoline) may be considered desirable for people who are in relationships not requiring condom use and who wish to avoid certain additives and preservatives often found in other lubricants. Not a good choice if you use condoms.

Silicone-based lubricants are usually formulated with fewer than four ingredients and do not contain any water. Silicone lubricants offer a different feel from water-based personal lubricants. Silicone-based lubricants are not absorbed by skin or mucous membranes and consequently last longer than water-based lubricants. Don’t use with silicone sex toys as it can degrade the surface of your toy.

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