Lingerie Guides


Lingerie Style Guides

The following lingerie guides outline all the various pieces of lingerie, what they are called with a description of each so shopping for lingerie is a breeze.


A corset is made to cinch the waist. It can cover the chest or begin below the chest. Corsets cut off near the hips to create an hourglass shape.


A bustier boosts or pushes up the chest while it cinches the upper midriff. A bustier has a built in bra and will be shorter than a corset usually cutting off around the naval.

Camisole Set

These sets come paired with a camisole top and either panties or shorts. They can be worn as sexy underwear or sleepwear.


A chemise is a gown that is tighter around the bust and hangs loose or straight as it falls. It’s not fitted at the waist and you can slip it over your head.


The babydoll is a flowing and playful style of lingerie that has a loose skirt attached to a bralette top.


This is a type of babydoll that is open in the front revealing the stomach creating a “flyaway” effect.

Garter Slip

This slip is an undergarment with built in garter straps to hold up stockings

Garter belts or Suspender belt

A garter belt is a piece of lingerie worn at the waist or a little below to hold up stockings.

Garter Set

A garter set is any lingerie set that has either a matching garter belt or built in garter straps to hold up stockings

Hold up stockings

Hold up stockings, like their name implies, are designed to stay up without the use of a garter belt


Stockings come in different lengths, but typically thigh high styles are paired with lingerie looks. Stockings need a garter to hold them up.


Tights cover the foot and leg all the way to the up to the waist.  Tights also come in crotchless styles.

Body stockings

A body stocking is a stocking that covers both the legs and the torso. Most body stockings will be crotchless.


A bodysuit is a fitted one piece lingerie style that is usually sheer mesh, or lace.


A teddy is a type of sexy lingerie that typically fits loosely. Other names that the teddy goes by are camiknickers, romper or onesie.


Brazilian panties or tangas offer more coverage than a thong butt much less than a brief.


These panties offer full coverage.

Boy Shorts

Boy shorts are micro short shorts resembling a man’s boxer brief


A thong has a v of fabric attaching at the waist band of the underwear leaving the buttocks exposed.

G String

A G-string is a type of thong with a thin t shaped string that attaches to the waist band of the underwear.

Sexy Costumes

Sometimes a sexy costume is just what the doctor – or sexy nurse – ordered. Have fun role playing with your partner in a sexy costume like sexy cop or sexy schoolgirl. You could even join the mile high club in a sexy stewardess costume. The sky is the limit.